The Outer Roll Episode 3: Kirk Allen (Warrior Goalie)

For this week’s episode, we have a lot to talk about! Due to the length of the interview with Kirk Allen, we have decided to break up the interview and we have both the regular version (as posted on Spotify, Apple Music, Etc.) and the extended cut which includes extra topics and covers every piece of gear.

Outer Roll Episode 3

MonkeySport’s Jason Felts and GoalieMonkey’s Graisen Eatchel talk about what it’s like being able to demo gear and give a behind the scenes look into the MonkeySports life before hopping into the interview with Kirk Allen from Warrior Goalie (8:57). We start off by introducing Kirk Allen with a little background on what he does for Warrior Goalie before hopping into gear talk. We discuss what the concept of CoverEDGE+ means and stories from the development stages of the 2020 lines (11:57). We then hop into specifics on the G5 Leg Pads (19:20) and the F1 Helmet (27:00). Lastly, we discuss fan questions submitted by our listeners (33:10). For more on the Warrior 2020 line including Glove, Blocker, Stick, Chest Protector, and much more, head over to our YouTube channel for the full video version!

Outer Roll Episode 3 (Extended)

In case you haven’t been following along this entire week on our Instagram or YouTube, we have been releasing videos every day since Monday leading up to this episode of the Outer Roll. I will have all links related to G5 listed below!

Warrior 2020 YouTube Playlist

This link will take you through all the videos we have made on Warriors brand new lines coming in 2020! You can also click the video to start the playlist!