First Look: CCM ExtremeFlex 4 Full Set

CCM ExtremeFlex 4 Leg Pads

Brand new for 2019, CCM has introduced the newest incarnation in the EFlex line, the CCM ExtremeFlex 4 leg pads, glove and blocker. This newest generation features key upgrades to make the EFlex line even more comfortable than before!

Looking right at the full set, you will notice the tradition knee rolls, SpeedSkin material throughout and a special graphic on specific zones. Below, will dive in to the key changes here in this review, but the FULL On-Ice review will showcase all of the little details. But for now, let’s start with the leg pads! CCM breaks down the changes in the Extreme Flex 4 pad into 3 major sections; DuaLiteCore Technology, Quick Motion Strap System and the Flexible Toe String System. Now, the EF4 is now 20% lighter than the previous EFlex pad. 1/5 of the weight of the pad has been removed while still providing a snug feel on the leg, torsional integrity and a complete seal on the ice.

DuaLiteCore Technology promotes torsional flex throughout the entire goal pad for goalie specific movements. Now, we all know that today’s goalie pad is meant for a butterfly style goalie, but the pad will have “give” and a slightly softer feel to make certain movements easier. The core of the EF4 pad will still create a solid seal on the ice, but the flex at the boot and shin will allow the goalie to get into a deep stance and go through deeper movements without the pad fighting against their body. In turn, this makes movements easier and reduces stress on the body. Not only is this found in the core of the pad, but the boot features a 90 degree Ultra Soft Boot which will flex and “spring” on top of the goaltenders foot throughout use.

On the back of the Extreme Flex 4 pad, CCM has adapted the successful Quick Motion Strap System from their Premier II pad, but made specific refinements to make the strapping sit better on the goaltenders leg. The quick motion strapping system sits on top of the goaltenders calf, just below the bend in their knee, to keep the pad sitting on top of the leg without sliding down. This tight feel promotes a positive connection between the pad and leg to ensure the goaltender feels connected to their pad. Now, there is a new adjustable setting so the inner calf strap can be tighter or looser to fit the goaltenders leg.

Throughout all specs, the Extreme Flex 4 promotes a solid, connective feeling to the leg, but will not hinder rotation or seal the ice. Continuing the trend of a connected feeling on the leg, the EF4 pad comes with a Flexible Toe Bungee style system. As the rest of the pad comes with full elastic strapping, the toe ties provide the same movement and stability. Flexible toe ties will allow the goaltender to get their skate close and tight to the pad, so the EF4 pad will stay up on their leg in all movements. However, when the toe is engaged in explosive movements and stretch scenarios, the flexible bungee lace will engage and allow for the skate to come out of the boot channel and get the toe to dig into the ice. Traditionally, goaltenders have always needed slack in their toe ties to allow for the skate to engage with the ice, but the Flexible Bungee Lace replaces that older technology.

CCM ExtremeFlex 4 Blocker

For over a decade, Reebok and CCM blockers have been preferred by goaltenders at all levels, and the upgrades to the ExtremeFlex4 blocker does not disappoint. The HD board has stayed the same, but the upgrades to the wrist strap, finger protection and wrist opening have enhanced the feel.

Similar to the cinch strap on a pair of goaltenders pants, the wrist strap has a pull through loop with a tab on the end to be able to easily adjust the tension on the wrist. This minor adjustment makes for a more dialed in feel to give the goaltender the wrist mobility they need.

Next, the fingertip protection has been upgraded and now features a full wrap across the fingertips to add protection from errant pucks coming underneath the blocker. Lastly, the padding on the side of the wrist has been widened to give the goalie a better range of motion throughout usage.

CCM ExtremeFlex 4 Glove

For the catch glove, the ever popular 600 break continues to reign supreme as the Extreme Flex 4 has refinements to the internal break, wrist strapping and liner to match catching easier than before. Starting internally, the break has been worked on to make for an easier and solid closure to continue their game ready feel.

Similar to the blocker, the wrist strap has been reworked for an easier and quick adjustment style. Whether you put your glove or blocker on first, the exposed wrist strap through the side of the wrist cuff will let the goalie make adjustments on the fly. For the actual liner of the glove, the Extreme Flex 4 glove has a grey Nash liner which provides a smooth, luxurious feel while still giving enough grip to hold on to the glove.

CCM ExtremeFlex 4 Final Thoughts

The CCM Extreme Flex 4 line of gear features specific and key upgrades to make this line of EFlex gear the best to date. With an overall weight reduction, minute details addressed in the leg channel, the new lining of the gloves and the overall responsiveness of the set, the Extreme Flex 4 franchise will be sure to turn heads. Make sure to look for our EFlex4 On-Ice Review in the next few weeks, customizer your own set on GoalieMonkey, pre-order the EF4 Gear now and check out the full EF4 line in stores at the end of April. #SpeedInTheCrease


This article was originally published on March 1, 2019, and has been updated with new information.