Guide: How to Pack a Goalie Bag

With summer coming in to full swing, most goalies are taking some time to enjoy their off-season and slowly start looking at some of the new gear they will need for the upcoming season. Every new season comes not only with new gear but with new goalie’s entirely! In this blog, I wanted to show some of the key things a goalie will need to fill their bag, as well as some extra must have items to get ready for their upcoming season.

Starting off with the first layer that goes in to the bag, I always start with the helmet at the end of the bag with the glove closed sitting next to it, along with the blocker on the opposite side with the board supporting the helmet.

Next, I place the skates inside of the pants to protect the blades to save room in the bag for more items. The pants are then placed down with the waist facing the opposite end of the bag away from the helmet. After the pants are in the bag, I place the knee pads in the pants as well, which saves more space and fills the gap between the end of the bag and your skates.

After the first layer is in, I then place my jock and neck guard in the open spaces above the knee pads or between the pants and helmet. Placing these two items where there is some open areas will keep parts from moving around when carrying your bag to and from the rink.

Next comes the chest protector that will rest on top of all the items you have just put in. I personally put the chest protector more to one side or the other so that I have more space to put my final items in. The final parts that fill my bag are a laundry bag with my performance apparel and jerseys, and finally a toiletries bag with any accessories and tape I need. These last items that go in the bag are placed on the opposite end to fill the space evenly.

This is what your bag should look like before zipping it up! Placing your gear in this order potentially will leave the most amount of space in the bag for any other items or even your leg pads for when you need to fly with your gear.

As for the toiletries bag, I have pictured what I personally keep in my bag. This bag consists of every type of tape I use, scissors, a tape remover, a screwdriver for my helmet if needed, disinfectant/odor destroyer, and my headbands. These are just some of the general parts I think I would need in case of emergency, but some other items I would recommend placing in the bag is your shampoo, extra laces, extra hardware (for helmets and other equipment), a warm up ball, and any first-aid you think would be helpful.

The only things you need now to complete your gear is a pair of leg pads and some sticks! Warrior leg pads come with an included carry strap that attaches to the boot strap area of the pads so that you can easily carry your pads over your shoulder. Hopefully this blog can be helpful to the way you pack your bag or give you some ideas for some items you may be missing and would love to get a hold of for next season!

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This article was originally published on July 10, 2019, and has been updated with new information.