On Ice Review: True A4.5 HT Senior Goalie Stick

Releasing in April 2018, True Hockey has brought out another model of composite goalie sticks that meets all of the needs of today’s goaltender. Throughout this review, we will take a look at True Hockey’s A4.5 HT Senior Goalie Stick and how it performs on the ice! For the purposes of the review, we will discuss two sticks that are both 25 inch MC curves but two different colors!

At first look, both the White and Black A4.5 HT sticks have a sleek, matte look which gives the stick a clean look on the ice. Whether you need a neutral color or to directly match your team, the A4.5 HT has you covered. The A4.5 HT comes in various team layups in unique colors to add some flare to the set up. Boston, Detroit, Edmonton, NY Rangers, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto and Vegas are all color ways made up to create a unique look. Different from other sticks on the market, the A4.5 HT has different colored logos on the front and back of the paddle to create an even more unique look. To comment on the weight of the sticks, untaped, the A4.5 HT Black comes in at 741 grams and the White comes in at 758 grams. A little bit of color paint will add some weight, but on the ice there was almost no difference in feel.

Now you might be asking yourself… True A4.5 HT, this is a Senior stick? Yes, the A4.5 HT is one model below the Pro successor, the A6.0 HT. When comparing these two sticks, we noticed that the A4.5 HT had an incredible balance and feel similar to other PRO sticks on the market, so we felt that it needed to be highlighted for our readers!

When compared to the previous model, the A4.5 HT has a 24% shaft impact strength increase which provides a more durable stick. Not only does this stick have improved shaft impact strength, it also features a newly redesigned flex zone which provides a quick snap when goalies need to move the puck to help break their team out of the zone.

On the shoulder of the stick, there is no extra grip added, however we did not feel that it was necessary to use. While the matte finish is smooth on the hands, the stick integrated well with the blocker and never felt that we did not have control when making stick or blocker saves.

Another final touch to the A4.5HT is the redesigned paddle that is now tapered and thinner. This new profile makes for a reduced weight without weakening the paddle from impact. The A4.5 HT thinner profile makes for more predictable rebounds as well.

When I first taped up the A4.5 HT sticks, I noticed that the balance was right at the hand where the shaft meets the paddle. This improved swing weight and balance point allows for goaltenders to keep their stick flush to the ice, but also allows for quicker blocker saves and reduced fatigue.

After a handful of uses, I have truly enjoyed these sticks and feel that they are an absolute steal at the middle range price point. Passes stayed crisp and snapped off the blade, pucks redirected to the corner with ease and with there was no prolonged fatigue in the arm. If you are a goalie who is looking for a composite goal stick without breaking the bank, that perfectly encompasses durability and lightweight, the True A4.5 HT Senior Goalie Stick will surpass your expectations. Check out the True A4.5 HT sticks with team color ways, patterns and curves now on GoalieMonkey.com!


This article was originally published on June 29, 2019, and has been updated with new information.