True HZRDUS Goalie Sticks


RESFLO: Focused Resin Flow (RESFLO) technology minimizes voids, resulting in a stronger, more consistent laminate.

TRT: Tri Rib Tech structure provides optimized durability in an ultra-lightweight design. Strategic Rib placements throughout the blade are designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable blade structure on impact, leading to more accurate and powerful shots.

TRT+: TRT blade structure with using a braided carbon bottom rib for an EXTRA rigid blade.

PLD: Precision Laminate Design, emphasizes how fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. Designed to provide both stiffness and impact strength in every layer, PLD allows engineers to reduce weight and increase impact strength.


Weighing in at an astonishing 575 grams, the HZRDUS PX features an ultra-lightweight build designed for exceptional playmaking. New for 2022, Vibration Suppression System (VSS) is a patent pending technology designed to provide goalies with the perfect balance of feel and comfort when making stick saves. Braided ribs throughout the blade offer a thinner design with increased durability. Featuring a low kick profile for quick release and greater puck control, HZRDUS PX focuses on feel while maintaining ultra-lightweight performance.  


Featuring many of the same innovative technologies found within HZRDUS player sticks, the HZRDUS 7X goalie stick offers an unmatched feel and response in a lightweight package. As with our HZRDUS goalie line, the HZRDUS 7X features a softer paddle design with a stiff blade, allowing goalies to play the puck effectively while controlling rebounds off the paddle. Weighing in at 675 grams, the HZRDUS 7X is ideal for any goalie seeking elite performance benefits in a durable, lightweight package.

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