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Without a good stick you'd never get the puck out of your own end and start the offensive break. Companies are constantly pushing the boundaries to make sticks lighter and stronger than ever. Here's a look at the latest and greatest from the world of goalie sticks. Shop with GoalieMonkey and return to the rink in confidence.

 Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Goalie Sticks Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Goalie Sticks

Durability + Grip + Control + Lightweight = The best goal stick on the market. To solve for durability Bauer introduces a new HYPERCORE blade, with improved overall toughness. For a new shooting shape and grip control, there’s the new P31 round toe, a shorter shaft and new PENTAGRIP for better feel. Engineered with an optimized carbon layup to bring it down to 595 grams—the lightest elite stick in the market.

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 True Catalyst Goalie Sticks True Catalyst Goalie Sticks

Lightweight composite build for a more responsive, stiffer paddle, increased playability and optimized durability. Mid kick profile for easy loading and greater puck control on release. The CATALYST ‘21 family features an improved rounded corner shaft, and when combined with True's new steeper shoulder angle from paddle to handle, offers ultimate feel and added grip while stickhandling. All-new PLD, Precision Laminate Design, optimizes the angles of carbon fiber layers throughout the shaft,  increasing impact strength and offering optimal stiffness while reducing weight.


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 Warrior Ritual V2 Goalie Sticks Warrior Ritual V2 Goalie Sticks

A mid-ex goal stick that makes transferring ex energy through the stick easy for maximum shooting power and stability. This gives more power and control for hard tape-to-tape passes and long distance plays to clear the defensive zone. Ultra light-weight Minimus construction features a new geometry that drives flex energy towards a lower kick point. This provides a quicker release when making passes and elevating the puck in tight areas around the net. Strategically placed gloss grip with raised texture provides grip when you need it. The clear matte coating with vertical rib texture provides the fastest sliding finish.

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