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New for 2019, CCM has developed their brand new goalie replacement runners for goalies around the world. The CCM Speedblade XSG1 Black Steel Goalie is designed to make movements around the crease even easier.

Starting off with the build of the CCM Speedblade XSG1 Black Steel Goalie Runner, CCM has added 2mm extra height on the steel, making the goalie nine percent taller than previous CCM steel. This allows the goalie to get a better attack angle on the ice and help the goalie make more effective pushes from the butterfly easier. The added height on the steel also gives the XSG1 runner an excellent edge life and provides the goalie with a longer lasting blade.

Black steel is specifically designed for a goalie who wants harder steel than the stainless steel option. Black steel has surface plating which is bonded to the steel and provides less of a chance for edges to roll over and become dull, allowing for an even longer edge life. This coating also provides resistance against corrosion and other wear that steel might endure that would otherwise damage regular stainless steel faster. Harder steel might cause a goalie to reduce their hollow of radius to a shallower option if they have not used black steel previously.

Compared to the CCM Speedblade XSG1 Stainless Steel Goalie Runner, the CCM Speedblade XSG1 Black Steel Goalie Runner offers an even longer edge life and higher resistance to corrosion.

CCM Speedblade XSG1 Black Steel Goalie Runners are designed to fit an SB XSG holder which are on the CCM Jetspeed FT2, FT480 and FT460 models. The steel has a radius of 30ft, a blade width of 3mm and an added 2mm of height for a total of 20mm.

If you are an elite-level goaltender looking for a runner with high performance, corrosion resistance, better attack angle, and a longer edge life, the CCM Speedblade XSG1 Black Steel Goalie Runner is the choice for you.


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