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Goalie Hockey Equipment for the Athletic Goalie

Goalie Hockey Equipment for the Athletic Goalie

The goalie is a unique sort of athlete. Many assume that they are great skaters, but in actuality, their job requires many other kinds of skills. In addition, they must wear very heavy padding and be brave enough to block a 100 mph frozen hockey puck with their body.

Ice hockey itself is quiet physical and it is the only sport where fighting is common, though still not condoned. Because of the unique stress on the goalie, he or she must have specialized goalie hockey equipment to protect themselves and make plays with.

The mask is a vital part of goalie hockey equipment. The mask protects the goalie's face, and these masks are no longer made just of fiberglass. Today, they use Kevlar, carbon fiber, and other metals as materials. Many feature a cage designed with unbreakable steel or titanium.

The blocker is another important piece of high-quality goalie hockey equipment. These attach to the backhand side of the hand with which the goalie holds the stick. These are called waffles because older versions appeared to look like waffles. Goalies are only allowed to wear one blocker.

Leg padding is also important to the goalie. These may extend eleven inches wide and about four to eight inches above the knee. Leg pads allow the goalie to use his or her legs and body to block the puck as much as possible.

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