Exclusive On Ice Review: Bauer 2X Pro Senior Custom Goalie Leg Pads, Glove and Blocker!

Brand new for 2019, Bauer has unleashed their newest version of the Vapor line and brought the 2X Pro out to the goalie community. Building off of successful aspects of the 1X, the 2X Pro line has key new design elements to make the Vapor line perform even better.

Custom Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Starting with the 2X Pro pads, these are almost entirely stock in a Size Small. There are a few small modifications done to them to make them perform closer for our liking. Despite the “simple” looking strapping on the back of the pads, there are multiple adjustments and places the straps can go which all determine how the line fits and performs.

Starting off with the skin, the 2X Pro features CORTech ST skin which is an upgraded version of the original material. Now, the durability has absolutely been increased and there are specific designs and cuts in the material to wrap better over the core. The skin creates a unique graphic, which we have chosen to color similar to the 1S line. We liked the top heavy graphic with small accent colors and logos.

The knee channel has gone through the most changes on the pad with it now featuring an adjustable outer knee flap which can be taken off entirely if the goalie chooses. One of the small modifications we did was actually bringing in the bottom half of the outer knee flap to create a slightly tighter knee channel to hug the leg and follow the shape of the knee pad to the calf.

On the knee wing, there is now a bindingless design which allows for faster sliding. Also, the inside area between the knee lander and knee block features a small loop which the knee lock passes through to help pull the knee block tight without it pulling off the ice.

The Vapor pad is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of today’s hybrid goalie and we feel that the 2X Pro offers just that. The pad is VERY flexible with two internal breaks both above and below the knee and no external breaks. This allows the pad to retain an S curve to help seal the five hole without sinking over time.

Down in the leg channel, there are specific sewing patterns on the inside calf wrap and outer calf wrap which are now attached by elastic. While this might look that the calf wraps are actually coming off the pad, the elastic band they are on allows for the boot to flex freely without the calf wraps bunching up. This design allows for the foot to move out of the bottom of the pad to hit the ice and dig in for all movements.

Closing off the leg channel, the 2X Pro looks like it just has two straps right? However, the adjustable tune fit calf strapping provides different distinct feels for how it is placed on the outer calf wrap. If you want a tighter top, to mimic having an upper calf strap, position the tune fit strap at the top of the calf wrap. However, if you want a looser feel, put the strap at the bottom of the calf wrap as we have done here.

Aiding in the flex of the pad, the 2X Pro features a 100 degree free flex boot which allows the pad to flex on the body but not shrink. A flexible boot allows for the goalie to achieve great foot movement when moving around on the ice and both on and off the posts.

So far, we have loved the Bauer 2X Pro Pad and found that the seal on the ice is amazing, and in some cases wanted to continue to rotate. We made adjustments and tightened up the pad which helped stabilized the pad and keep the perfect seal. Rebounds moved away from the pads and boomed out to the corners with little ease. Despite being a hybrid pad, pucks will move far away from the body with the 2X Pro. Sliding was just as easy as expected with a very solid slide on both fresh and dirty ice. We did not feel that the dirty ice slowed down our slides and were able to move around with the same ease as the fresh ice.

Custom Bauer 2X Pro Blocker

This wouldn’t be our blog if we didn’t mention that a blocker is not just a blocker! The 2X Pro blocker is entirely different from the previous Reactor and 1X blockers and the reduced weight and added performance make this a new favorite. There are no specific specs or mods done to the blocker.

Starting with the overall design, the 2X Pro has a beveled board which reduces weight and allows for the same stiff rebounds goalies have liked on Bauer products. The hand placement is just above center so there is more board below the fingers to help cover the distance from the arm towards the side of the pads.

The opening in the sidewall is specifically cut to integrate and hold the stick without anything getting in the way. While the sidewall is actually very stiff and rigid, there is no stiffness in the blocker when gripping the stick. Aiding in durability, there is a patch sewn over the binding so it will not wear over time.

On the back of the blocker, a free flex cuff allows for absolute freedom of movement. We found that this is one of the most mobile blockers we have ever used and felt no restrictions in making saves or going through any movements.

The palm is made of a Quattro Ivory Pro palm for an incredibly supple and soft feel on the hand. This material actually helps keep the hand dry throughout use and does not widen over use. We found that this palm stays very tight on the hand, provides great grip on the stick, yet is breathable and cools the hand in use.

Custom Bauer 2X Pro Glove

This has been noted before; the gloves are a cornerstone to a goaltenders kit and feel. The 2X Pro glove is absolutely redefined and reshaped to meet the needs of today’s goalie. Same as the pads and blocker, this glove is entirely stock. It is very important for us to mention that this glove is stock… see below.

The 2X Pro is absolutely one of, if not the most, broken in gloves on the market. Bauer paid specific attention to the design of this glove and made sure that is closes well for any goalie, with any hand strength. Not only does the 2X Pro glove close so easily, but it follows the natural 60 degree closure which most goalies prefer. This 60 degree closure on the 2X Pro allows for a full hand closure with the index finger meeting at the base of the thumb.

A key upgrade to the easy closure on the 2X Pro is the Offset T design. While Offset T’s are not new to the goalie world, the use of the Offset design is paramount to the overall closure. An Offset T, in design, removes all of the material that tends to bunch up when closing a glove. Putting all of the material on one side of the T versus in the fold of the glove is why it is used. Adding in the easy closure, moving all of the T to one side gives the goalie clear visibility to the side of the pocket when catching.

Normally, we like to use smaller internals on our gloves to provide more grip when catching, but the Bauer has used Catch Grip specific material to help fight that battle. We did not feel it was necessary to move down to a smaller palm as the Catch Grip and internal adjustments provided a perfect fit.

60 degree breaks have very large cuffs, and the 2X Pro does have a larger cuff. We find that the goalies hand gets deep in the glove to maximize easy closure and directly catching over the hand. However, the cuff is still large enough to squeeze to the body to help prevent pucks from bouncing through the body.

Even though this is a game ready design, we have yet to feel pucks create any pressure on the palm or feel any shot remotely close to a stinger. Time may tell, but this glove is light, closes beautifully, presents well to the shooter, and even allows for crisp passes.

Do not skip out on this glove, check it out!

Closing Thoughts

The Bauer 2X Pro set is an incredible continuation of the original Vapor 1X line. We find that the addition of adjustable knee strapping, a flexible boot and soft connection in the calf, the pads rotate, seal and move the best out of all Bauer pads. If you are the goalie who wants a flexible pad to slide fast and kick out pucks far, the 2X Pro is for you.

For goalies who want lighter gloves, to control pucks to the corner and corral pucks to the mitt all while having one of the most game ready gloves out of the box, the 2X Pro glove and blocker will do just that!

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This article was originally published on June 14, 2019, and has been updated with new information.