Exclusive On Ice Review: Vaughn Pro V Elite Senior ‘19 Goalie Leg Pads, Glove and Blocker!

All new for 2019 and exclusive to GoalieMonkey, Vaughn Custom Sports has unveiled their newest adaptation in the Pro V Elite series. Featuring key revisions and additions, the Pro V Elite 19’ is an impressive improvement to the already popular Pro V Elite series released in 2017.

We can not stress enough, after using top level Pro pads for such a long time, the Vaughn Pro V Elite 2019 was eye opening to us and we highly recommend looking in to this pad for any level of goaltender.

Vaughn Pro V Elite Senior Goalie Leg Pads – ’19 Model

Starting off with the PVE ’19 Leg Pads, we used a completely stock 32+2 build with some small modifications for personal comfort and performance. The modifications that were done includes the removal of the bungie toe tie in place for regular skate lace, and the removal of the Rotational Reaction Control strap as a personal preference. The provided strapping options helps a goaltender find their own preferred fit with plenty of adjustment options throughout the entire pad.

In terms of the strapping we chose to use is as follows. Starting off at the top of the pad, we angled the knee strap behind the knee and directly across to the removable knee flap. Next, we strapped both of the velcro calf straps to have a snug and somewhat tight fit to the leg. Further down, boot strap was pulled behind the skate and through the back skate loop. Finally, the skate lace toe ties were fed through the back loop on the cowling of the skate and tied on top of the skate.

Focusing on the knee area of the leg pads, we noticed some key refinements that are implemented to improve the performance of this pad. Specifically, we noticed the redesigned removable knee flap that helps reduce interreference between the pads and pants when dropping in to the butterfly. From the first use, we felt comfortable and in control of the pad when dropping down and moving around the crease due to the high grade MSH3 materials which helps the goaltender’s leg from sliding around in the knee cradle during play.

Moving around to the inside of the knee channel, we noticed some great changes to help the performance of this pad. Following the NHL specifications, Vaughn redesigned the knee landing to feature the pro bump design that helps the goaltender get a much more stable landing and prevent over rotation when down in the butterfly.

Flipping over to the face of the pad, the flat knee design that replaces traditional knee rolls helps give more predictable rebounds off the knee section of the pad. When reviewing the PVE 19, we found that pucks shot off into the corners and were easily tracked, especially when coming off the knee section of the pad. The PVE ‘19 features a single outer break below the knee that helps with an easy closure of the five hole when dropping into the butterfly. In our experience, we felt that the pad flexed with our leg when dropping down to make a save and aided with a better butterfly closure due to the natural curve of the pad from the break.

On to the calf section, Vaughn extended and improved the inner calf wrap which improves the fit and protection aspect on the back of the calf. We found that this extension gave a more responsive feel to the rotation of the pad while having a snug feeling around the leg itself. As for the strapping, two calf straps are provided to create a customized feel for any goaltender. The added bottom calf strap features Velcro attachments on both sides to be adjusted to be a tight or a looser lower calf fit. This strap can also be completely removed completely to feel closer to the Pro V Elite 2017 which did not feature this strap.

Next, the proprietary use of QuickSlide material is used on the entire inner gusset of the leg pads and on the lowest edge of the leg channel to help the ease of sliding around the crease when in use. When using these pads, we found that butterfly slides never slowed down or got harder, even when the ice began to wear down near the end of a long skate.

Down at the boot of the PVE ‘19, we felt that there was plenty of room for a max range of motion to get easy pushes around the crease with no restrictions with the pad. The all new synthetic boot strap with a plastic clamp attachment point allows for specific small adjustments which we found helpful to create the best feeling fit when taking the strap behind the skate. 

Vaughn Pro V Elite 2019 Senior Goalie Glove – ’19 Model

On to the Vaughn Pro V Elite Goalie Glove, this is the complete stock version with no changes or mods done. From the first time we felt this glove, we felt completely comfortable taking it out for a spin without taking it through any extra steps. Personally, we loosened up the straps for our liking but still felt attached and in control at all times.

Built off of the Vaughn VE8 XP, the Pro V Elite 2019 Glove features an all new unique feel to the typical Vaughn catcher. Equipped with a 60 degree full hand closure, the PVE feels more natural to a goaltender exploring Vaughn for the first time and as a result, closes better than ever.

After getting to use this glove for only a short period of time, we felt the PVE ‘19 broke in faster than expected. Without using any sort of break in method or tricks, the PVE ‘19 closed as if we had been using it for months.

Coming as a one piece design, the Pro V Elite ‘19 has a large cuff that presents itself very well to shooters. When having to close up to block shots aimed around our hips, we found that the glove naturally sealed around the pants and pads to confidently close up the 6 and 7 hole. When taking shots up toward the chest, the cuff and palm allowed for us to corral pucks without issue and feel in control of shots that might have been placed in odd areas.

Looking up at the pocket of the PVE ‘19, you will notice the unique way Vaughn has laced up the thin T which allows for more lacing to be in pocket and create a softer catch. When catching pucks in any position, we found that the pocket swallowed pucks and felt incredibly comfortable for making a confident catch. Visually, we never had any issues tracking pucks all the way in to the pocket of the glove and felt natural making glove saves in any variety.

Flipping around to the backhand of the glove, a three strap system allowed for us to dial in the exact feel and fit we wanted to achieve. Each strap has a specific purpose to tighten up any part of your hand with the top fingers strap, the middle back hand strap and the quick adjusting wrist strap. We felt confident when reaching out to catch pucks and never had any flexibility issues that may have required some adjusting.

Wrapping up our thoughts on the glove, we think that this glove will be a perfect fit for any level or style of goaltender. The PVE ‘19 closed very easily after only a handful of uses and made us feel comfortable making glove saves in any area the puck was shot in. We highly recommend checking this glove out, especially if Vaughn gloves have not been your favorite in the past. Even if Vaughn gloves are your thing, you might be surprised after giving the PVE ‘19 a spin.

Vaughn Pro V Elite 2019 Senior Goalie Blocker – ’19 Model

Finally, on to the Vaughn Pro V Elite Blocker. Similar to the glove, we did not mod or remove anything from this unit. We decided to loosen up the wrists and cuff straps for our personal liking and after only a single use, we never had to adjust or change anything.

Most people see a blocker and think “a blocker is a blocker”, which usually indicates there is nothing crazy going. For the Vaughn PVE ‘19 blocker, that is not far from that statement but in the best way possible. Personally, we believe Vaughn blockers have always been an underrated piece of equipment that are not talked about enough in the goaltending community. We think that this blocker is the simplest piece of equipment in this set but has shown peak performance to someone who is very critical about blockers.

Starting straight out with the flat faced design with a defined top angle of the PVE ’19, we felt like pucks were flying off the board majority of the time in to the exact place we wanted them. A couple of times we had a puck pop up directly in front of us as shown in the video but was a complete user error and still easily tracked down. The internal HD board allowed for us to simply turn our hand toward a corner and pucks would shoot out and away from danger or all the way up in the netting.

The PVE ’19 has an incredibly balanced feel due to the centralized hand positioning which we found helpful when reaching out for saves or closing up for in tight shots. Around on the palm, a very comfortable grip is provided with VX suede and a double layer of suregrip that we found helped us never lose control of our stick. Vaughn has also removed the seam on the inner part of the index finger to create a more comfortable feel on the goaltenders hand and will also further durability on the palm. Over on the thumb, an HD Foam thumb rail provided us with the protection we need to feel confident closing up for shots and protected us from pucks we might have been over reaching for.

Down at the bottom edge of the blocker, a Quickslide bar can be found that will provide more mobility when paddling down, as well as more durability than a typical blocker edge would have. Further up, the provided wrist and cuff straps allowed for us to find the best fit which we loosened up as a personal preference.

To summarize the PVE ’19 Blocker, we found that this is one of the best blockers we have tried on the market, regardless of the level you are playing at. When making contact with a puck, we never felt as if we weren’t in control of where the puck was heading and were surprised with how much pop the HD board gave.

Closing Thoughts

The Vaughn Pro V Elite ’19 takes everything that made the ’17 model so popular and improved every aspect possible. At a senior price point, we felt as if the pads, glove and blocker were all performing as good as, if not better than some pro level gear. If you are a goalie who wants a soft and flexible pad that has plenty of adjustment points and technology to find your perfect feel, look no further than the Vaughn Pro V Elite – ’19 Model.

For a goalie who wants a natural feel on a glove that will trap pucks in its pocket and give you no hassle for break in time, along with a blocker that gives the goaltender the ability to redirect pucks effortlessly in to corners and out of play, the Pro V Elite ’19 glove and blocker are the choice for you.

Keep an eye out on GoalieMonkey.com for our stock PVE ‘19 colorway options!

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This article was originally published on September 13, 2019, and has been updated with new information.