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If you are in need of replacement steel for your True 2 Piece skates, look no further. Manufactured by Step Steel, the True 2 Piece Fat Replacement Runner is the perfect item for you to replace your old or broken steel on your True skates.

Specifically designed to address the evolving techniques used by today’s goaltenders, the True 2 Piece Runner gives the goaltender the ultimate feel of effectiveness in the crease with quick and powerful pushes in any situation.

True supplies each goalie with the highest grade of handcrafted stainless steel blades to fit your True skates. The higher grade of steel offers durability and longevity for your steel to help resist cuts, dings, and dents from constant use and travel which, in turn, provides every goalie with a more reliable edge for longer.

Why go with taller steel? The answer is simple. A goaltender’s steel is the starting point to any great save and play they will ever make. A taller blade is a quicker connection to the ice and the faster a goalie can get a push off across the crease, the more likely they will be able to make a save in a key moment.

If you are looking for a replacement runner that will give you the highest level of performance on the ice from your skates, look no further than the True 2 Piece Fat Replacement Runner.

  • Compatible with True 2 Piece Skates
  • Comes with hardware
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