Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & BlockersBack to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

It's what you do before the season starts, and GoalieMonkey can get you there.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 & X5 Pro Goalie EquipmentBauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 & X5 Pro Goalie Equipment

You asked, and Bauer listened. Completely revamped for Season ‘23, their most popular Vapor family returns. This new take on Bauer's revolutionary collection introduces enhanced fit and lightweight upgrades so you can be HYPER-quick and HYPER-flexible in the crease. With their lightest pads to date and a glove designed for a smooth and comfortable full-hand closure, one thing is for sure – the HYPE is back and better than ever.

Built to help you continue to grow as a goalie and take your game to the next level. X5 Pro gear features performance-driven innovations that help create a customized feel, keep you light on your skates, and take the next step towards becoming show-stopping goalie.

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CCM EFlex 6 Goalie EquipmentCCM EFlex 6 Goalie Equipment

Amplify the flex, feel, and speed in the crease that you have come to know and expect from EFLEX. With game-changing technology, the EFLEX 6 line you know and love is back and ready to enhance your performance like never before.

Highlighted by the DRS PRO knee stack & stabilizer design, the new EFLEX 6 pads allow for powerful cross-crease movements with enhanced seal, stability, and slideability. With goalie biomechanics at the forefront, you'll get the best of dynamic and mobile pad performance.

The CCM EFLEX 6 581 Goalie Glove is loaded with next-gen technology. With a 15% weight reduction, upgraded strapping, increased range of motion, and maximized responsiveness, you'll feel in the zone at all times. Track down and punch out every shot that comes your way with confidence with the new responsive technologies of the EFlex 6 Blocker.

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Warrior Ritual G6 Goalie EquipmentWarrior Ritual G6 Goalie Equipment

The Warrior Ritual G6 leg pads feature CoverEDGE+ technology that applies a face-forward design that adds a new dimension to maximizing your coverage in net. By bringing the face of each piece of G6 gear forward, the angle to the puck is further cut down, allowing you to get a piece of pucks that would just miss more conventionally designed gear.

The G6 glove dimensions extend at thumb to enhance a wider catching shape. The G6.1 glove dimensions extend at fingers to enhance a longer catching shape.

The G6 blocker features a 20° angle designed to deflect pucks high toward the glass and a thicker board for maximum rebound speed. The G6.1 blocker features a 35° angle to deflect pucks low toward the corner and a thinner board for high rebound speed.

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True Catalyst Goalie CollectionTrue Catalyst Goalie Collection

An evolution of the L12.2 series, TRUE's Catalyst 2023 goalie collection features a sleeker design aesthetic in an even lighter package designed to maximize on-ice performance.

With consideration for cross-crease movement, TRUE has incorporated a THINNER THIGH RISE with an all-new COMPOSITE CORE for greater mobility and rebound control in game situations. Their all-new KNEE STACK construction features a more RIGID DESIGN, offering greater stability and an even better seal to the ice when moving laterally.

Goalies can expect an unmatched feel, comfort, and consistency they’ve come to love from TRUE by Lefevre throughout the entire 2023 Catalyst goalie collection.

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Brian's Optik X3 Goalie EquipmentBrian's Optik X3 Goalie Equipment

Brian's Optik X3 goalie equipment is a high-quality option for goaltenders looking for advanced performance and superior protection. With its cutting-edge technology, lightweight construction, and customizable features, this equipment is designed to enhance a goalie's performance and provide optimal comfort on the ice.

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Vaughn Velocity V10 Goalie EquipmentVaughn Velocity V10 Goalie Equipment

All new for 2023, Vaughn Custom Sports unleashes the newest version of their iconic Velocity line. The leg pads feature harder foams and QuickSlide material for one of the best slides that any Vaughn pad has ever had. The glove has a new design and shape to maximize net coverage while keeping the 60 degree palm, while the blocker has a reinforced front board and a deep top bend for precise puck deflection.

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Bauer GSX Goalie EquipmentBauer GSX Goalie Equipment

Designed for goalies who have just committed to the crease and looking to hone their skills, GSX gear features elite technology at a competitive price point — making it hard for your opponents and easy on your wallet.

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Brian's NetZero 3 Goalie EquipmentBrian's NetZero 3 Goalie Equipment

Brian's Netzero 3 goalie equipment is a revolutionary choice for goaltenders seeking maximum mobility and lightweight design. With its innovative materials, advanced technologies, and attention to detail, this equipment offers goaltenders unparalleled comfort, protection, and agility on the ice.

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Bauer Supreme Mach Goalie EquipmentBauer Supreme Mach Goalie Equipment

Push the boundaries of goalie technology with the Bauer Supreme Mach line of equipment. There has never been an equipment line with this many elite features to help you play your absolute best on the ice in every crucial situation.

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CCM Axis 2 Goalie EquipmentCCM Axis 2 Goalie Equipment

With innovative new technologies, Axis 2 is designed to amplify your performance in the crease. Axis 2 is built to help you move faster, direct play with more power, and keep you moving save after save. The game shows no mercy, and with Axis 2, you don’t need it to.

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Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Goalie EquipmentVaughn Ventus SLR3 Goalie Equipment

Play with "No Hesitation" in the all-new Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon goalie equipment. Designed specifically for today’s butterfly goaltender and features key materials and features to excel this pad above the rest.

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