Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & BlockersBack to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

Protective gear is essential, giving you the confidence to take on everything that comes your way. Companies are constantly seeking ways to make protective gear lighter and more mobile while keeping you as protected as possible. Here's a look at the newest top protective lines for the new season. Shop with GoalieMonkey and return to the rink in confidence.

Bauer Supreme Mach Goalie EquipmentBauer Supreme Mach Goalie Equipment

With the MACH goal pad, you’re getting unmatched stability that enhances movement, control, and coverage in your crease. Advanced technology provides an elite level pad to help you perform your very best in any situation. Push the boundaries of technology with the MACH goal catcher. There has never been a performance level catcher with this many elite features to help you play your absolute best on the ice in every crucial situation. The MACH goal blocker is what happens when next-level control meets unmatched coverage. Advanced technology has created a blocker that is specifically designed to help elite goalies perform their best on the ice in every key situation.

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CCM Axis 2 Goalie EquipmentCCM Axis 2 Goalie Equipment

The CCM AXIS 2 goalie pads are lightweight yet stiff and built for extremely powerful rebounds. They feature the DRS Pro, our Dynamic Response System, and an HD one-piece landing zone to increase seal and stability to maximize speed and powerful movements. Take on any shot with confidence with the CCM AXIS 2 goalie glove. Enhance your game with the innovative new 591, based off the reliable 590 angle and shape, but redesigned for optimized rage of motion, closure, and responsiveness. Deflect every shot with precise and powerful direction with CCM's lightest blocker ever built. Featuring new technologies like the FLEXMOTION 2 cuff for a greater range of motion and the LITECORE construction for powerful rebounds, the AXIS 2 blocker with high-impact protection.

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Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Goalie EquipmentVaughn Ventus SLR3 Goalie Equipment

The Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon leg pads are designed specifically for today's butterfly goaltender and feature a high density, full pro core structure with a carbon insert throughout the length of the pad. The scoop angle provides full flexibility for added range of motion. The calf wraps have been extended to fit more on top of the goaltender's leg to create a better response from the pad. The Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon glove continues to be one of the lightest gloves on the market and keeps the traditional Vaughn feel. A one piece solid cuff offers added protection, stability and a firm blocking surface. Featuring a ShockShield padded palm with Kevlar reinforcement for added protection. The Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon Blocker features an extra stiff high density foam insert with composite reinforcement for an incredibly stiff blocker and better puck deflection. The thumb includes a high density HD foam side shield board for added stiffness and protection, as well as overlapping with the front board to create an overall stiffer construction.

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 Brian's G-Netik X5 Goalie Equipment Brian's G-Netik X5 Goalie Equipment

Brian's G-Netik X5 leg pads feature Brian's most responsive internal core ever made. The torsion flex allows the entire pad to twist and follow a goalie's natural movements, while still providing a strong seal and rigid shape when set. An angled outer roll allows for a larger blocking surface on the fave of the pad. A simplified Smart Strapping system features a large Y-shaped calf strap and a single, positionable knee strap. The G-Netik X5 glove features a smaller cuff and larger catching surface to help give a large visual look while still protecting the hand as necessary. A solid one piece cuff and a Double T pocket with maximum depth gives the illusion that the pocket is deeper than most gloves. The G-Netik X5 blocker has a large HD blocking board, and a beveled nose helps the blocker seal well to the ice. the palm features a neutral hand position that is centered on the board provides complete balance and comfort.

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