Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

Back to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & BlockersBack to Hockey: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves & Blockers

Protective gear is essential, giving you the confidence to take on everything that comes your way. Companies are constantly seeking ways to make protective gear lighter and more mobile while keeping you as protected as possible. Here's a look at the newest top protective lines for the new season. Shop with GoalieMonkey and return to the rink in confidence.

Bauer Vapor HyperLite Goalie EquipmentBauer Vapor HyperLite Goalie Equipment

Built with a brand new knee bracket, Stabiliflex, which is 30% lighter and provides 25% more flexibility compared to Stabilislide from Supreme. To give goalies even better rebound speed and at the same time a more flexible, even lighter pad core, we developed REBOUND BOOST CORE – a new foam never before used in goalie pads. Features an added Balance Plate, a pillow at the calf to give you never-seen-before balance and ice seal. The glove features the best out of the box closure with more CatchLite material and better pocket depth and shape. The blocker features Rebound Boost Core for faster rebounds and better rebound control.

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CCM Extreme Flex 5 Goalie EquipmentCCM Extreme Flex 5 Goalie Equipment

Take control of the game. Control Rebound Technology lets you decide where the puck goes next. With Dual1teCore Technology, there is added stiffness above the knee to give you the ultimate seal, stability and sliding, with added flexibility below the knee and into the boot for great reactivity and powerful pushes. The EFLEX 5 goalie glove is a mix of cutting-edge technologies that work together to help you bring your A-game while keeping your goalie equipment flexible and responsive to your every move. The EFLEX 5 hockey goalie blocker is a top-of-the-line rebound deflector offering the latest in technological advances and protection against high-velocity clappers.


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True Goalie Equipment, Crafted by LefevreTrue Goalie Equipment, Crafted by Lefevre

Embodying decades of design expertise for elite comfort and unparalleled performance, the handcrafted True Hockey Goalie Collection has arrived. Since 1967, Lefevre has been delivering products inspired by function and crafted by form for goalies performing at all levels of the game. True Hockey goalie equipment, crafted by Lefevre, continues to challenge the status quo of gear design.

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