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Learn About Intermediate Goalie Sets

Intermediate goalie sets are designed for players who are transitioning between junior and senior levels, typically suited for ages 12 to 16. These sets include components such as blockers, catchers, leg pads, and sometimes chest protectors, scaled down to fit the body size and proportions of adolescent players. The benefits of intermediate sets include more advanced features than junior sets, offering enhanced protection and performance suitable for the increasing skill level and physicality of this age group.

Sizing is critical and should be based on the player’s specific measurements to ensure proper fit, protection, and mobility. Intermediate sets provide a balanced solution for growing players, offering quality equipment that supports their development in the sport.

Intermediate Goalie Set FAQs

What’s the difference between intermediate and senior goalie sets?

Intermediate goalie sets are smaller and more proportionate for adolescents aged 12 to 16, whereas senior sets are larger and designed for adult players, as discussed in the “Learn” section.

How do I determine the correct size for an intermediate goalie set?

To determine the correct size for an intermediate goalie set, measure the player’s height, arm length, and leg size to ensure each component fits appropriately for effective protection and mobility.

Are intermediate goalie sets suitable for players with varying skill levels?

Yes, intermediate goalie sets are suitable for players of varying skill levels in the 12 to 16 age range, offering a balance of protection, comfort, and performance.

How often should intermediate goalie sets be replaced or upgraded?

Intermediate goalie sets should be replaced or upgraded based on the player’s growth, wear and tear of the equipment, and any advancements in goalie gear technology.

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