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Goalie Leg Pads – Working Double Duty

Goalie Leg Pads – Working Double Duty

Goalie leg pads really do have two functions in the sport of ice hockey. Though designed for protection, they also help the goalie to be an important playmaker during the game.

Because the goalie's whole role revolves around goal protection and puck blocking, he or she needs some specialized equipment. Protective goalie leg pads work to assist the goalie in the blocking of the puck. When the goalie drops in front of the goal, the leg pads block the puck from going into the goal as well as from injuring his or her legs. The ability to block the puck with his or her leg pads causes the goalie to be an effective playmaker in the game of hockey.

Goalie leg pads are also subject to different regulations in the sport. Because the goalie has such an influence over scoring, there are rules in place dictating how large the protective goalie leg pads can be. A goalie's leg pads cannot be wider than eleven inches in the NHL. They also state that the goalie leg pads cannot be taller than thirty-eight inches.

It is important that these quality goalie leg pads fit the goalie properly. These pads should not come up more than three inches above the knees. Pads that are too long will restrict movement and may cause balance issues, which would not make the goalie very effective. Pads that are too short will not adequately protect the knees and ankles.

Goalies utilize their leg pads throughout the game with goalie leg pad saves. There are various leg pad saves, such as the butterfly goalie leg pad save. A leg pad save is when the goalie utilizes any part of the leg pad to block the puck.

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